About Us

AuctionsCast is a global leader in the competitive auction market for providing an exclusive online auction cloud-based platform across all industry sectors around the world.

Why AuctionsCast?

AuctionsCast unique online auction platform is available at an affordable price enabling you to launch your online auction events on your own conditions and branding with no extra commission fees.

We have dedicated and hard-working team of professionals who have extensive industry experience in auction sector and immense knowledge about latest tools and technologies. We are always ready to adapt new challenges and keep on upgrading new features to help you meet your auction business specific requirements.

What We Do

AuctionsCast offers a ready-to use Saas-based online auction platform and a comprehensive range of auction business solutions and services to auctioneers across different industries ranging from startups to small enterprises and large enterprises. This exclusive platform is designed and developed with top-notch features to help you host, invoice and manage different types of online auctions including timed, virtual, and webcast.

Our e-auction software services are fully customized that fits every need and budget of our auctioneers, thus helping them to enhance the efficiency of their business process, increase sales revenue and streamline the entire auction event s operations.

Our Mission and Vision:

MissionOur aim is to build a global presence and set a benchmark in the auction sector by providing a reliable, user-friendly and transparent online platform to auctioneers, bidders and consignors worldwide. We strive continuously to improve our technical skills and work standard plus adopt latest technologies and processes to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Vision We aim to develop a seamless experience for all our clients by managing their all kinds of auction activities and giving them the best auctioning software solutions and services based on their company needs using our industrial expertise and technological proficiencies, thus enabling them to leave every auctioning burden on us and focus more on their business growth.